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Kinoko Inu - Mushroom Pup Vol. 02 (GN)

Reg. Price: $12.95
Product ID: #9781569703090


Hotaru has his hands full with adorable (and always-hungry) Mushroom Pup! Will a day of hiking and sweet treats in the deep woods give these friends memories to last a lifetime…or will they part ways after a silly accident?

Mushroom Pup serves up laughter, adventure, and plenty of delicious deep-friend snacks! Can a cute and carefree creature teach a heartbroken guy how to smile? And will there ever be enough in the fridge to fill his bottomless stomach?!

Author: Kimama Aoboshi
Alt. Title: Kinoko Inu Vol. 02
ISBN-13: 9781569703090
ISBN-10: 1569703094
Imprint: DMP
Type: Series

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