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Day of Revolution, The Vol. 01 (GN)

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Meet Megumi! She's petite, adorable, and a total eye-catcher. In fact, she reminds almost everyone at school of the very elite (and very missing) boy student Kei Yoshikawa. Whispers and wild rumors begin to run riot from the hallways to the exclusive school rooftop...and the most powerful clique on campus has their sights set on sweet Megumi, too. Can her good friend Makoto shield her from a showdown and help her "skirt" the issue? Are some secrets just too big to keep?

Author/Artist: Mikiyo Tsuda
ISBN: 1569708908
Manufacturer: Digital Manga Publishing
200 pages
Dimensions: 5 7/8" x 8 1/4"
Age 16+
Release Date: September 20, 2006
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*****   September 7, 2010
Reviewer: Bishi

I read this while at a sleepover with a friend and she had both volumes 1 and 2. While at the beginning it implied shonen-ai, it's an awesome Gender Bender. Altogether, it's an awesome read with lots of comedy and the obstacles the main character goes through and with adapting to drastic changes. Not to mention it sheds some light for those who read Princess Princess first.

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